Flirty Questions

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl : Want to ask some flirty questions to a girl whom you like the most? Also want to impress and attract her towards you with your unique attitude? Then its time to grab her attention with some crazy flirty questions!!

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Best Flirty Question to Ask your Crush

1. What would be your perfect romantic getaway?
2. How can I exploit that?
3. What turns you on?
4. What’s your weakness/soft-spot in a guy?
5. How far can you go on our 3rd date?
6. What do you wear to bed- if anything?
7. Don’t you hate it when random guys ask you questions?
8. Where is your favorite place to be kissed?
9. Are you a trouble maker?
10. Do you like boxers or briefs?
11. Are you hitting on me?
12. Giving an oral or getting one, which one do you like?
13. What do you like about yourself?
14. Define your perfect date?
15. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
16. How would you describe your perfect kiss?
17. If you were going to take me out for a romantic evening, what would we do?
18. Are you always like this or just hot guys like me?
19. What’s your favorite thing to do with a guy?
20. Are you alone?
21. What outfit would you enjoy most on me?
22. Did you save this seat for me?
23. Describe me in three words.
24. Cuddle or Makeout?
25. How long did your last relationship last?
26. What would you do if I kissed you?
27. Which kind of a guy are you attracted to?
28. What did you think when you first saw me?
29. What turns you off?
30. Describe your ideal relationship?
31. What do you think is my best feature?
32. What tricks do you use to turn a guy on?
33. What kind of wears are you wearing right now?
34. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
35. What do you do on your days off? Can we date?
36. Wanna go out tonight?
37. Does a massage make you wet?
38. What do you think is your best feature?
39. Will you suggest a few Flirting tips for me, am I bad at it?
40. How do you feel about seeing more than 1 guy?

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